make and gmake on FreeBSD

Reid Linnemann lreid at
Fri Jul 27 13:12:41 UTC 2007

Written by Dima Sorkin on 07/26/07 16:37>>
> Hi.
> Thank you very much. See below.
> Regards, Dima.
> On 7/27/07, Nikola Lecic  wrote:
>> No, make (BSD make) is a part of FreeBSD, gmake (GNU make) is a
>> third-party application, available through devel/gmake port.
>> They _are_ different.
> Yes, I forgot there was an alias. See at the bottom of the message.
>> > and only with "gmake" I succeed to build serious projects.
>> This is very interesting observation, could you expand on this?
> Well, I don't want to make claims without basis, as it is based only
> on my memories :).
> I so completely switched to gmake during the winter that I even forgot
> I have an alias.
> I didn't succeeded to compile projects from my univ studies, but I
> afraid I use all those gnu extensions. I _think_ I didn't succeeded to
> compile the DEAL.II lib without gmake.
> These are projects that don't use the "recursive make" paradigm, at 
> least not in
> all places. They "-include" makefiles from lower hierarchies, but I
> afraid gnu extension
> sit there in every place. Not shure, though ...
> [dsorkin at eml5 /usr/home/dsorkin]$ /usr/bin/make --version
> make: illegal option -- -
> usage: make [-BPSXeiknqrstv] [-C directory] [-D variable]
>        [-d flags] [-E variable] [-f makefile] [-I directory]
>        [-j max_jobs] [-m directory] [-V variable]
>        [variable=value] [target ...]
> [dsorkin at eml5 /usr/home/dsorkin]$ alias make
> alias make='gmake'
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Lots of software sources are configured with GNU autotools, which is why 
a lot of third party software will only compile with GNU make. In the 
case of dealii, not only are its sources configured with autotools, but 
I looked at their docs and at 
you can plainly see that they "use GNU make, version 3.78 or later".

I'm not sure where the confusion is ... but it seems like you think you 
  have to invoke GNU make under the moniker 'make'. But you don't, it's 
just a Linux convention to have GNU make installed as 'make'.

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