PS/2 problems

Tanner Currie tannercurrie at
Fri Jul 27 02:19:30 UTC 2007

Hi I just installed FreeBSD 6.2 and it's working great
except my keyboard (PS/2 connected) cuts in and out. I
tested the keyboard which works perfectly on another
machine. It will work fine for 5 or 10 minutes and
then it cuts in and out (it also beeps sometimes
before it dies). I was suspicious of a purely physical
problem but sometimes it will be completely
unresponsive and 30 seconds later it will puke out
everything I was trying to type. I also plugged in a
PS/2 to USB adapter thinking I could try a different
door but that was completely dead (I don't know how to
diagnose the USB connection). Any advise?


Tanner Currie
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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