Can't burn cds

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Fri Jul 27 02:35:49 UTC 2007

--On July 26, 2007 5:59:01 PM -0500 Josh Paetzel <josh at> wrote:
> camcontrol isn't going to know anything about IDE devices, it only
> knows about SCSI.
So why does it show the first cd, which is also ide?

> It's hard to see without the propmpts, but are you trying to use
> burncd as root?  A normal user isn't going to have the neccessary
> privs. to write a cd by default.
Yes.  All the commands were typed as root.

> cdcontrol is simply telling you it can't read the TOC of the cd in the
> drive, presumably because there's no cd in it.

There was a cd in the drive - a blank one I was trying to write to.

>  I haven't used
> cdcontrol in ages, but it's possible it needs root (in the case that
> you were using it as a normal user with a disk in the drive)

All commands were typed as root.

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