Drive concatenation...Which tool to use?

Reid Linnemann lreid at
Thu Jul 26 20:01:03 UTC 2007

Written by Roger Olofsson on 07/26/07 12:59>>
> John Nielsen skrev:
>> On Wednesday 25 July 2007, Josh Tolbert wrote:
>>> I've got a friend that wants to use a FreeBSD box for a file server. He
>>> has a huge pile of drives of different sizes, but he wants them all as
>>> one big file system. What's the appropriate tool for this? gstripe
>>> doesn't seem like it'd be smart to use with differently-sized drives. Is
>>> gvinum up to snuff and stable enough to use? Is ccd still supported? 
>>> What
>>> would be your tool of choice?
>> gconcat, perhaps?
>> JN
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> Gconcat looks mighty cool, will it be able to concat two devices that
> already have existing filesystems on them and retain these? Say that ad0
> has /usr and ad1 has /home will gconcat preserve these after concat:ing
> ad0 with ad1?

No. The gmirror device will not have had a label written to describe 
where on the gmirror device those partitions exist. The data will still 
be there, but you'll have to do some magic on the gmirror label to 
describe where they are.

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