Adaptec AAR-1220SA / AAR-1430SA

Christopher Key cjk32 at
Thu Jul 26 10:23:17 UTC 2007


I'm trying to establish whether I can expect the Adaptec AAR-1220SA or 
AAR-1430SA SATA cards to work with 6.2.  They're not on the list of 
supported hardware, which does include a lot of the other Adaptec 
cards.  However, the Adaptec cards that are listed all seem to be 
hardware RAID cards, whereas the 1220SA and 1430SA use something called 
'HostRAID', which I think just means software raid.  Does this just mean 
that I'll be unable to use the RAID functionality on the cards, not 
really a concern, or are they unlikely to work at all?

Many thanks,

Chris Key

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