pf and keep/modulate state on 6.2

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Thu Jul 26 00:07:56 UTC 2007

On 7/25/2007 12:50 PM JD Bronson wrote:
> At 08:55 PM 7/25/2007 +0200, Max Laier wrote:
>> On Saturday 21 July 2007, Jordan Gordeev wrote:
>> > I'm replying to an old and long-forgotten thread to report my recent
>> > findings.
>> > There's a bug in PF with modulate/synproxy state. Modulate/synproxy
>> > state modulate sequence numbers, but don't modulate sequence 
>> numbers in
>> > TCP SACK options. Some firewalls block TCP segments with sequence
>> > numbers in the SACK option pointing outside the window, which causes
>> > connection stalls. The bug was fixed in OpenBSD with revision 1.509 of
>> > src/sys/net/pf.c about an year and a half ago. The bug is present in
>> > FreeBSD-STABLE. A fix for the bug was imported in FreeBSD-CURRENT with
>> > the big import of PF from OpenBSD 4.1.
>> > I'm CC-ing Max to notify him of the bug present in -STABLE and to ask
>> > him to deal with the issue by either porting the fix from OpenBSD, or
>> > by documenting that modulate/synproxy state is broken.
>> Good catch - sorry for the delay.  Here is the diff (almost verbatim 
>> from
>> OPENBSD_3_8).  Please test and report back.  I plan to commit this to
>> RELENG_6 in a bit.
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>> \ /  Max Laier                          | ICQ #67774661
> Max - 3.8? Cant we get a bit closer and more up-to-date as far as 
> staying with pf and openbsd?
> I know pf changed - especially for OBSD 4.1 and it would be nice to be 
> CLOSER than 3.8 ?
Excuse me for butting in.  This has been discussed on the pf list.  A 
search of the archives will find you the details but basically 4.1 and 
FBSD 6 won't work together as I understand it.  Major changes are 
required.  However work has been done in CURRENT and is undergoing 
testing now but will not be back ported to STABLE because of the major 



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