recover corrupt 6.2 installation

Alain af.gourmet at
Wed Jul 25 16:47:22 UTC 2007

It looks like the / partition is corrupt. For some incomprehensible
reason (possibly & probably the sata hdd connectors which appear to me
to be very "flimsy" as I have had this connection problem on several
motherboards) the sata drive gets disconnected or partially so.  This
appeared a couple of times after bootup when the computer seemed to
slow down and could not access files. Rebooting necessitated fsck and
after sever reboots and hdd cable jigglings, things were almost normal;
cron gave innumerable mail messages and pkg_info could not find or read
+COMMENTS or such files. Yet things worked more or less.

Now, on bootup, the hdd appears to be read correctly but the messages
come up:
fsck: Bad file descriptor
Unknown error; help!
init: /rescue/sh on /etc/rc terminated abnormally, going to single user mode
Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for /rrescue/sh:

I suspect that there are only 2 possibilities: reinstall everything
(ohmigodidon'twant to go throught this again) or update the kernel or
the 6.2 installation (maybe the installed programs don't need to be
reinstalled )  :)  What could be done? I have no important files on the
disk as I keep those on other disks and/or computers.

I have googled without success. Thanks for any suggestions.


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