where is bsdpan-CPAN in /usr/ports

Noah admin2 at enabled.com
Wed Jul 25 15:05:09 UTC 2007

Hi there,

i received the following error when port upgrading.

CreateInstalledDbVerifyContentsFile 0.4.1_9 error: "@comment ORIGIN:" 
not found in /var/db/pkg/bsdpan-CPAN-1.9102/+CONTENTS
                 bsdpan-CPAN-1.9102 installation is corrupt!
                 recomend running "pkg_delete -f bsdpan-CPAN-1.9102" 
then manually reinstalling this port

I am a little lost - where might I find the bsdpan-CPAN port - so I can 
rebuid it?



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