quickie: howto? window manager & xterms, but no

Graham Bentley admin at cpcnw.co.uk
Tue Jul 24 15:33:14 UTC 2007

You can make Twm look quite nice with a bit of effort as
well as adding virtual desktops.

I have just setup a FreeBSD lightweight desktop with the 
latest X and Fluxbox which I would recommend. 
Apart from that have mostly console apps, quick!

mc (*The* filemanager)
mutt (read / write mail)
fetchmail (fetch incoming mail)
mp3blaster (player / organiser)
streamripper (nice mp3 ripper)
cd-console (plays music cd's)
rexima (console mixer)
chexedit (Hex Editor)
aee (Editor)
Links (links -driver x)
calcurse (Calendar / ToDo)
teapot (Spreadsheet)
conky (system monitor)
fbpager (a pager for fluxbox)

Any ohter suggestions for console apps ? CD Burning with 
curses interface ?


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