high resource demand fron mldonkey

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Mon Jul 23 22:15:59 UTC 2007

Tsu-Fan Cheng writes:

>     I run mldonkey (mlnet+gui) on freebsd 6.2 and found it takes
>     up a lot of  CPU resources. Is this a common thing or just
>     me. Also, is there something else, e.g. amule, xmule that
>     runs a little lighters on the system?? thank you!!

	From "top" a -CURRENT system:

 1498 huff          3 116   20 58744K 49708K ucond   40:30  2.83% mlnet-real

	and that seems to be a pretty common value.
	I'm not running the gui, but tracking downloads via the web

	(As long as we're talking mldonkey - any gurus out there
willing to answer a configuration question?)

					Robert Huff

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