Yet Another Fonts Question ...

custompc at custompc at
Sun Jul 22 22:53:55 UTC 2007

Hi All, I am building up a nice little lightweight desktop. So far I have
installed base, portsnapped fetched extracted, made Xorg meta port and
fluxbox. Ive added webfonts and artwiz fonts. Ive hand rolled fonts.conf
and followed the handbook on xfonts. Fonts still dont look too great
though? In fact sometimes its hard to tell the difference between one font
and another.
I am using conky and conky reports the Xft isnt enabled so I got to
wondering if this is part of my problem? If so, how do I go about enabling
it? Thanks in advance for any advice etc. Btw I have discovered 'links
-driver x' which is great, also mp3blaster, mc, mutt - is there any other
console apps I really should know about :)

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