mulberry mail crashes when using PGP under AMD64 ... ?

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Sun Jul 22 03:58:31 UTC 2007

--On July 21, 2007 9:10:27 PM -0300 "Marc G. Fournier" <freebsd at> 
> Which list? :(  I'm on mulberry-discuss ...
Oh, sorry.  The mulberry-devel list.

> Hopefully now that he's puttin gout the source code, we can get a
> "FreeBSD  Native" version in ports ... :)

> The funny thing is that I'm now running same version off of an i386 box
> (my old  machine) and its running fine *sigh*
Including GPG?

On my Mac, Mulberry core dumps if I scan past an email with a digital 
signature in it.  On my FreeBSD box it core dumps if I try to encrypt a 
message.  I don't recall what it does on Windows because I almost never 
use it there.

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The University of Texas at Dallas

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