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Hello Tim!

Sat, Jul 21, 2007 at 08:12:46AM -0400 you wrote:

> I have a PC running FreeBSD 6.1. We use a 1GB USB key to transfer files
> from our desktop PC's to this purposed machine.
> Problem is, when inserting the key, it may or may not select the same
> device name. For ease of use, and too many newbies
> that don't want to learn, I'd like the device to show as the same name
> every time I mount it.
> I have added /dev/da0  with a mountpoint of /flash in the /etc/fstab,
> but don't want to deal with adding additional lines and 
> mountpoints either. I'd like the command mount /flash to work with any
> one of the 10   1GB keys I purchased.

You might want to kldload geom_label.ko (or compile your kernel with the
appropriate option), then label all the USB key filesystems with the
same identifier, and then they can be accessed as
/dev/msdosfs/YOUR-LABEL-HERE. The label is the -L argument to
newfs_msdos or the value in the `Volume Label' editbox in the Windows
formatting program. geom_label also works similarly on other

For example, my USB flash shows up as /dev/msdosfs/DOUBLEF and
/etc/fstab has the line

/dev/msdosfs/DOUBLEF    /home/df/flash  msdosfs rw,noauto,...


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