Intel G965 chipset?

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sat Jul 21 04:32:59 UTC 2007

Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Bruce Caruthers wrote:
>> On Sat Jul 14, 2007, Antony Mawer wrote:
>>> On 14/07/2007 8:07 AM, Bruce Caruthers wrote:
>>> ...
>>>> === My Question:
>>>> So, can I use an Intel motherboard with the 965
>>>> chipset?  If not, what is the latest chipset I can
>>>> use which will meet my needs?
>>> We use the 965 based boards for many of our servers and they work 
>>> fine -
>>> the only gotchas I have come across has been the onboard IDE controller
>>> is a Marvell ATA controller, and not supported by the drivers in
>>> 6.2-RELEASE. I made a back-port of the -CURRENT driver to 6.2 some
>>> months ago and have not had any problems (although the CD-ROM connected
>>> to said IDE channel is only used for the installation process!).
>>> I would imagine that the driver is likely present in 6-STABLE and the
>>> upcoming 6.3 release later this year.
>>> --Antony
>> Now that the parts have arrived and I actually have
>> the machine (physically) set up, I am trying to
>> install from the downloaded ISO images (6.2-Release,
>> downloaded 7/20).
>> Each boot option hangs at different places (standard
>> stops after identifying the disks as ad4 and ad8,
>> ACPI turned off stops at md0, and verbose logging
>> actually gets to the first menu, but no longer
>> accepts keyboard input at that point -- might be
>> hung, since couldn't warm boot from the keyboard,
>> either, at that point).
>> Were you able to do any of the install without the
>> backported driver, or did you generate a custom
>> install disk?
>> Or, would it be better if I try making the boot
>> floppies and installing over ftp?
>> Any suggestions, or perhaps a downloadable ISO
>> image, since you already went through this?  :)
>> I have 2xSATA300 disks as RAID-1, and an ATAPI DVD
>> drive for installing.  And an old 3.5" floppy drive
>> I found on one of my parts heaps.
>> (mobo: Intel DG965WH)
>> Thanks for any help!
>>    -bkc
> Try a 6.2 snapshot (if that's not what you meant by downloaded 7/20). 
> If that fails, try 7-CURRENT snapshots (most recent ones, i.e. over 
> the last month, are the best idea). There were a variety of fixes made 
> to USB input and control (if you're using a USB keyboard instead of a 
> PS/2 one).
> -Garrett

Another idea -- update your BIOS if possible via bootdisk. There were 
most likely some BIOS / chipset fixes done in the past couple months 
which will benefit your board.

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