Intel G965 chipset?

Bruce Caruthers bkc-freebsdlists at
Sat Jul 21 04:26:49 UTC 2007

On Sat Jul 14, 2007, Antony Mawer wrote:
> On 14/07/2007 8:07 AM, Bruce Caruthers wrote:
> ...
> > === My Question:
> > So, can I use an Intel motherboard with the 965
> > chipset?  If not, what is the latest chipset I can
> > use which will meet my needs?
> We use the 965 based boards for many of our servers and they work fine -
> the only gotchas I have come across has been the onboard IDE controller
> is a Marvell ATA controller, and not supported by the drivers in
> 6.2-RELEASE. I made a back-port of the -CURRENT driver to 6.2 some
> months ago and have not had any problems (although the CD-ROM connected
> to said IDE channel is only used for the installation process!).
> I would imagine that the driver is likely present in 6-STABLE and the
> upcoming 6.3 release later this year.
> --Antony

Now that the parts have arrived and I actually have
the machine (physically) set up, I am trying to
install from the downloaded ISO images (6.2-Release,
downloaded 7/20).

Each boot option hangs at different places (standard
stops after identifying the disks as ad4 and ad8,
ACPI turned off stops at md0, and verbose logging
actually gets to the first menu, but no longer
accepts keyboard input at that point -- might be
hung, since couldn't warm boot from the keyboard,
either, at that point).

Were you able to do any of the install without the
backported driver, or did you generate a custom
install disk?

Or, would it be better if I try making the boot
floppies and installing over ftp?

Any suggestions, or perhaps a downloadable ISO
image, since you already went through this?  :)

I have 2xSATA300 disks as RAID-1, and an ATAPI DVD
drive for installing.  And an old 3.5" floppy drive
I found on one of my parts heaps.

(mobo: Intel DG965WH)

Thanks for any help!

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