mouse wheel doesn't work

Nikola Lecic nlecic at EUnet.yu
Fri Jul 20 23:46:49 UTC 2007


On Sat, 21 Jul 2007 05:02:49 +0800
Zhang Weiwu <zhangweiwu at> wrote:

> Dear everyone on the list
> On my xorg-6.9.0 installed on FreeBSD 6.2, USB mouse work just fine
> with mouse wheel; ps/2 mouse do not work. Nothing happens when
> scrolling mouse wheel.
> As I have only one ps/2 mouse I cannot test if all ps/2 mice suffer
> from such problem or just this one, but I am sure this mouse works
> fine on Windows and Ubuntu Linux with wheel.

I think that then middle (wheel) click doesn't work; if it does, then
just copy Ubuntu xorg.conf entry or check if trackpoint and external
ps/2 mouse use different /dev.

> The box is thinkpad 380XD with an IBM red check-point on the keyboard,
> which as far as I know is also /dev/psm0, probably something on
> hardware level is done to merge signal of check-point and real ps/2
> mouse together, and mouse wheel movement might be dropped during this
> merge.

Yes, this is more likely -- the trackpoint and external ps/2 mouse

> Mouse section of xorg seems to be correct, and I think it's not useful
> to tweak X configuration if moused cannot by itself detect mouse wheel
> movement.
> Section "InputDevice"
>         Identifier  "Mouse0"
>         Driver      "mouse"
>         Option      "Protocol" "auto"
>         Option      "Device" "/dev/sysmouse"
>         Option      "Buttons" "5"
>         Option      "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
> EndSection

Generally, using two parallel mouse devices calls for two separate
InputDevice mouse entries and for SendCoreEvents option.

> xmodmap also shows there is no re-mapping of mouse buttons. Again if
> moused isn't aware of scrolling, working on X level doesn't seem to be
> helpful.

Please read this page:
  (choose "External mouse wheels and wheel emulation...")

and consider experimenting with this:
It doesn't seem ported, but they claim it runs on *BSD. Read the man
page, --setup-pointing-device* options could maybe solve the problem.

(tpctl should be started _before_ X.)

Nikola Lečić

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