Haskell and nox11

A.Rymkus rymkus at inbox.ru
Fri Jul 20 17:49:57 UTC 2007

Hi, Tankko.

You wrote at 19 июля 2007 г., 18:36:24:

T> I need to install darcs on my server, and it requires Haskell (ghc)
T> which in turn seems to require the x11 system which is not installed
T> on my headless sever.

T> I have WITHOUT_X11=true set in /etc/make.conf

===>>  Extracting for darcs-1.0.9
=>> MD5 Checksum OK for darcs-1.0.9.tar.gz.
===>>   darcs-1.0.9 depends on file: /usr/local/sbin/pkg_info - found
===>>  Patching for darcs-1.0.9
===>>   darcs-1.0.9 depends on executable: ghc - not found
===>>    Verifying install for ghc in /usr/ports/lang/ghc
===>>  ghc-nox11-6.6.1 unsupported at the moment.
T> *** Error code 1

T> Is this correct or I am doing something wrong?  It seems strange that
T> a programming language would require x11.

T> Is there a better was to get darcs and/or Haskell on my server without
T> installing x11?   Do most people that run backend server just install
T> x11 anyway?

T> Thanks, Tankko.
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   You can try to install it as a precompiled package - you can try to
use following command 'pkg_add -r ghc-nox11-6.6.1' or 'pkg_add -r ghc-nox11-6.6.1.tbz' (it
will try to fetch that package). If pkg_add can't find that package,
you have to search over the net for ghc-nox11-6.6.1.tbz file and use
pkg_add without '-r' option.

WBR, A.Rymkus

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