USB Keyboard / Dell Optiplex 745 / FreeBSD 6.2

Reid Linnemann lreid at
Fri Jul 20 15:32:54 UTC 2007

Written by Nico -telmich- Schottelius on 07/20/07 09:45>>
> Hello!
> Just wanted to confirm that the usb-keyboard is not working in the
> installer with Dell Optiplex 745 and FreeBSD 6.2.
> Though it works in the boot loader, but stops working (num lock light
> is set to off) when usb support is enabled by FreeBSD.
> I also tried booting with verbose logging on, but did not
> see an error, only that FreeBSD detects atkbd0, although there
> is no ps/2 port (so bios ps/2 emulation).
> There are many postings about the whole optiplex series out there
> having that problem, but there seems no solution until today.
> Or does anyone else know more about that?
> Nico

I've never know what causes this, but in single user mode some USB 
keyboards on some systems refuse to work. I myself work on an Optiplex 
GX270 that exhibits the same behavior. You can get around it easily 
enough though; at the loader, set hint.atkbd0.disabled=1 and then boot, 
the problem should go away.

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