sata: setfeatures settransfermode taskqueue timeout

Derek Ragona derek at
Thu Jul 19 17:09:21 UTC 2007

At 11:58 AM 7/19/2007, Steve Franks wrote:
>I'm getting this error alot, on shutdown. smartmon reports all my
>drives are healthy with 0 errors, I've replaced the controller and
>upgraded to a 500W powersupply.  At random one of my 4 sata drives
>will give a "disconnected" error in dmesg and dissappear, usually when
>you acess it for the first time on a given boot, but not always the
>same drive.  Also, I've now started getting a panic after syncing all
>the drives on shutdown.  I'm mystified....

Post a full dmesg so we can better see your configuration.


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