no /boot/loader - after installation

Derek Ragona derek at
Thu Jul 19 14:30:11 UTC 2007

At 03:31 AM 7/19/2007, John Clement wrote:
>I'm installing 6.1 on an HP Vectra VL420, I've been in the BIOS to set the
>C/H/S as per what the install reports (I've tried an 80GB Seagate and a
>250GB WD), the install all seems to go fine.  I've tried the FreeBSD boot
>manager, a standard MBR and even setting the disk as dedicated, but
>regardless I end up with the same 'no /boot/loader' when it reboots.
>I suspect (and hope) I'm making a simple mistake, I just haven't seen this
>happen before.
>Thanks in advance!!

First you should try 6.2 which is the latest release.

Check your BIOS that you are allowing to write to the boot area.  Many BIOS 
have a setting to not allow this to prevent a virus writing to the boot area.


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