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> > As for your question: read up on "X forwarding" with the "ssh" tool.  If
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> > there.  I'll try to keep an eye out for such a thread so I can reply if I
> > have some help to offer.
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I've been following this thread because I was trying to set up XDMCP.  I
ended up getting the TightVNC/Gnome Remote Desktop to work properly, but
I would much rather have XDMCP.

So far, I log in as root, open a terminal, and use the gdmsetup process
to get the Gnome Login Window Preferences configuration dialog.  I then
click on the Remote tab and select "Same as Local" from the drop down
menu.  A button named "Configure XDMCP" should appear at the bottom of
the window.  When clicked, a bunch of miscellaneous options are shown,
but note the UDP port 177.  That should be open on the firewall along
with ports 6000 through 6005 (or something like that).  I simply used
the defaults.

Next, click on the Security tab at the top of the dialog window (after
closing the "Configure XDMCP" dialog).  I unchecked the "Deny TCP
connections to Xserver" (though I think this is not necessary).  Then,
click on the bottom button named "Configure X Server".  You need to have
at least one Xserver available for remote connections.  This is where I
get stuck.

Using Xming on Windows XP, I was able to connect to the Xserver and get
the grey root screen, but that is it.  Also, I am using GDM as a display
manager.  I have found no good HOWTO's yet, so help would be
appreciated.  The Help is fairly descriptive, but does not walk you
through the process.  Finally, the X manual pages describe how to setup
XDM, but so far I have not tried that approach.  Hopefully this is
helpful to the original poster of this thread.

-Michael S. Eubanks
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