detection materielle probleme for new installation

Marezki sayane at
Wed Jul 18 19:15:53 UTC 2007

Good morning,
excuses my english is bad, but i must use it.
i want install freebsd. I have three partitions: 7, 48 and 97 gbytes. On
the first, windows server 2003 for learning server.
the second for my documents. The third is marqued unknown but i want use
it for BSD.
Cpu amd athlon64 3200, motherboard: asus A8 nvm csm, 2 hdd sata, 160 gb
each one, the first is hitashi the second is maxtor. memory 1.024 gb.
I have 3 cd(s) rom. 1: bootonly 386 version freebsd 6.1 the second is
bootonly but version 6.2 for amd 64 and the third is (cd1 et cd2)
complete iso for the 386 version 6.1.
When i launch the cd for installation, i am quested and choose
installation whit out ACPI, and have disabled Acpi on the bios.
The system runs and detect the material (peripherals etc...) but when it
arrive just before the end of material detection, it stops and i have this:
module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (amr_linux,0ffffffff806205D0,0) error 6.
please help:
i dont know what is error 6, what is module_register_init. I dont know
what is the problem.

Thank you for your answer.
In french documentation, I dont find what i do to configure for example
a peripheral, how i must do.

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