ipnat + mysql replication

John Fitzgerald jjfitzgerald at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 10:07:52 UTC 2007


I have 4 FreeBSD servers in one location. A firewall/nat load balances
between two web servers which hits a database server for content (also
behind firewall/nat). The database server replicates from a remote
location (outgoing connection), where the admin interface resides
(different facility). The problem I'm having is that it's a fairly
well-trafficked site. The ipnat entries table fills up quickly (30,000
I think is the max), and so I have to ipnat -F fairly often (every 5
minutes or so). The problem with this is that it kills any outgoing
connections (like my mysql replication). Is there a way I can set the
expiration for ipnat table entries, or setup mysql replication rules
in ipnat.conf that will be ignored when ipnat -F is issued?



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