VMWare Guest Operations on FreeBSD? Anyone got this to work?

Eroberer 4u erobererunc at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 16:27:36 UTC 2007

Hello guys,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me out on something.  I'm trying to script
some VMWare processes for a bunch of VM's, and it seems like FreeBSD may be
a special case here.  I've been told by some VMWare techs that guest
operations are not supported on FreeBSD at this time.  These guest
operations usually run in my script on my host machine, to the guest VM via
the vmware-guestd daemon on the guest OS.  It it perfectly possible to
install this daemon and keep it running.  However, whenever I try to run any
operation from my script, such as VMRunProgramInGuest, or VMLoginInGuest, I
get the error message: "Authentication failure or insufficient permissions
in guest operating system"

So, my obvious question to guys is 1) Have you ever seen these types of
guest operations run on a FreeBSD guest VM in VMWare, and 2) if so, do you
know how they got this working? =)

I went the extra mile here and tried the Linux emulation capabilities, and
then installed the vmware-guestd daemon by hand, but amazingly I still get
the same exact error when doing this.  (The steps that I took for manual
installation, if anyone is curious, are *roughly* summed up on this page for
OpenBSD....when running the normal vmware-config.pl script for Linux on
FreeBSD, that script bails when it can't find lsmod.  Anyway, link:
get Linux emulation gets vmware-guestd running just fine, but
like I said, same error.)

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