shared object needed by courier MTA

johan Hartono johan0214 at
Tue Jul 17 16:07:49 UTC 2007

Dear all,


I was trying to make a working mail server using freebsd5.5-release and courier MTA suites.

What I need from this box basically are pop3 server, smtpserver, web admin and webmail.

I install FreeBSD using ‘developer’ canned andpull out ‘ports’ packages.

After the installation, I add these packages using pkg_addcommand in the exact order.
























Every time I try to check the installation using showmodulescommand, I got this message


“/libexec/ Shared object"" not found, required by "showmodules"”


Can anyone point out what sins I have done badly and how towork around this problem?


I’m very sorry for my poor language since English isnot my native language.


I very appreciate any help you could give me.


Best regards


Johan Hartono

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