Intel PWLA8391GT NIC...does it work?

J.D. Bronson jbronson at
Tue Jul 17 14:53:22 UTC 2007

At 09:50 AM 07/17/2007, Modulok wrote:
>For anyone who has this NIC...
>Is the "Intel PWLA8391GT" network interface card supported on 6.1
>Release? I read the hardware notes section and it didn't mention it. I
>also read the man page for the em(4) driver, it mentions some of the
>other models, but not this one specifically. The only thing I could
>find on google was the mention of it in a review on, but
>the guy never mentions what version of FreeBSD he's using, or what
>driver the card uses. If anyone has this card...does it work and which
>driver does it use...and any gotchas?

this looks like the Intel Pro 1000GT card?
if so, its supported by the 'em' driver
and I use it w/o any issues in 6.2


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