make a symlink to a webpage?

Schiz0 schiz0phrenic21 at
Mon Jul 16 21:17:55 UTC 2007

On 7/16/07, Steve Franks <stevefranks at> wrote:
> I know this is browser-specific, so let's just say firefox - how do I
> make a link to a page that I can execute directly?   This is not the
> type of thing that's easy to google for.  I tried copying some of the
> ".url" links from my win32 box and opening them with firefox, but that
> was just wishful thinking...
> Thanks,
> Steve

I'm not sure if you can, to be honest. (Although I may be wrong).
Windows lets you do this because the .url extension is associated with
your browser through the windows registry. Hardly any other operating
systems have a registry type thing...(I don't even think mac has one).

What you could do is make a shell script that executes your browser
with a command line option with the URL. Check the docs for your
browser, almost every browser lets you do this. Like "firefox
-url=" or something.

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