clarification before buying a internet static IP address

David Schwartz davids at
Mon Jul 16 15:25:12 UTC 2007

> Tnx for quick response. I would like to confirm as below:
> You said that:
> "You don't want to buy a domain (or at least not in the first place).
> The thing you need is a static IP address, first, and that's not being
> 'sold' by a domain reseller / registrar."
> If I don't buy a domain being 'sold' by a domain reseller, so how can I
> obtain a static IP address?
> Looking foward to hear from you.
> Tnx

I don't think anyone knows what you're trying to do. You have a web site
that you are hosting on your computer at home. You currently have a dynamic
IP address. That's between you and your Internet service provider. You can
get a static IP address from the, and then your IP address will always be
the same.

If you have a domain, presumably you used someone to acquire that domain for
you. When/if you get a static IP address, just tell them what the static IP
address and they can point www.<yourdomain>.com to that IP address.

As for whether or not you can host a domain on your home computer so that it
can be seen all over the world, read your contract with your Internet
service provider. If it allows you to, then you can. If it doesn't, then you
can't, and should use a hosting provider to host the site.


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