clarification before buying a internet static IP address

vuthecuong cuongvt at
Mon Jul 16 14:13:52 UTC 2007

I need from you advice before doign things.

Up to now, I have a home web server using free DynamicDNS service of
With it, I can access directly to my home web server from ouside through 

Now for some reason, I not want to use DynamicDNS service anymore.
So I tend to buy a staticDNS from domain reseller.
Suppose that I only buyed a domain with internet static IP
address :, not buyed hosting service from that domain reseller,
can I be able to set up my own DNS server (in my home PC server) so that 
I can
browse directly to my home web server by typing
into address bar of firefox, opera?

i meaned, in other words, in order to host one website so that in can be 
all over the world, I have no way but must use external hosting service?
Sorry for my bad English

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