is is able to setting up DNS server reverse lookup with DynamicIP?

Olivier Nicole on at
Mon Jul 16 06:08:11 UTC 2007

> >> I'm using dynamicDNS, so I will able to specify the forward *AND*
> >> reverse lookups?
> >
> > Yes.
> No, nobody else is going to see the results your local nameserver  
> sends since it isn't authoritative for the domains, and the  
> delegation for the IP block isn't going to point to your server but  
> to the actual nameserver.  Take a look at what happens when someone  
> using an external nameserver does the same queries:

For the example I gave, I am of course authoritative.

> Notice the NXDOMAIN response...?

Stange, because I don't get such response, even when querying from
germany to my domain in Thailand. (Could have been a matter of time of
day, Friday 22:00 is busy time in Thailand, the DNS may have been hard
to reach).

> The answer everyone else gets,, doesn't  
> match, so a double-reverse lookup check  
> would fail.

It could have been a cache issue? Same thing I get correct answer for
a request made from Germany to that Thai domain.

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