Developer Questions (glibc i386 style backtraces)

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Mon Jul 16 00:02:58 UTC 2007

Michael B Allen wrote:
> Hello Again,
> Is there a good list to ask developer questions about porting code to 
> FreeBSD?
> I have a good chunk of code to port and no doubt I will have numerous
> questions about FreeBSD specific features like semaphores, posix
> compliance, shared memory and so on.
> Actually my current issue is the glibc i386 backtrace function from
> execinfo.h. It's not a show stopper if I can't have it but I would
> very much like to have it even if it means writing custom code to walk
> the stack myself.
> Any ideas? Googling doesn't seem to turn up anything which is to say I
> guess FreeBSD doesn't have a backtrace function.
> Actually does FreeBSD use glibc?
> Mike

FreeBSD is actually based off of libc, which is a completely different 
set of sources from glibc.

I don't have any resources and I don't know right offhand whether or not 
libc has a backtrace function. You may want to ask this on the hackers@ 



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