OT: Does a low-cost, reliable switch exist?

Jonathan Horne freebsd at dfwlp.com
Sun Jul 15 12:46:14 UTC 2007

On Sunday 15 July 2007 04:39:55 Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> I've got some running 24/7 without a hitch for some years without once
> rebooting them; they are under UPS as every switch should be (but
> probably they would work fine anyway).

hehe, if you *dont* put them on UPS, cant you use those brownouts as "free" 
reboots that you dont have to drive in to take care of?  and it gets them all 
at once!!   (kidding!)

i too have had great success with used 3com equipment from ebay.  i had a 
major problem with one of the 6 24port'rs that i bought for my lan party, and 
they honored the warranty, even after who-only-knows how old they were.  and, 
ive since sold those switches to a different lan party, and they are still 
operating as reliably as when i picked them up in 2000-2001.

Jonathan Horne
freebsd at dfwlp.com

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