Can cron e-mail HTML?

Mikhail Teterin mi+kde at
Sat Jul 14 23:14:09 UTC 2007

On субота 14 липень 2007, Daniel Bye wrote:
= So it's beginning to look as if your best bet is in fact to make your
= script handle sending the mail.

Yeah, seems like it...

= Not the cleanest solution, but one that will get your messages formatted
= exactly how you want them.

Well, I started looking into how much effort would it be to translate the 
strings returned by libmagic(3)'s routines into Content-Type.

If it is easy enough, I could hack cron to analyze the job's output using 
magic_buffer(3) and set Content-Type if anything recognizable is detected...

The translation is the difficult part :-( Instead of the standardized


for example, libmagic returns:

	HTML document text

It is trying to be human-readable, while I need the machine-readable strings.

There is stuff on-line that does the translation, but it is in much 
higher-level languages (like PHP), which think, hash-tables are free :-)

Oh, well...


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