FreeBSD-6.1 bootup hangs after power failure

Pollywog lists-fbsd at
Sat Jul 14 18:57:15 UTC 2007

On Saturday 14 July 2007 18:39:04 Manolis Kiagias wrote:

> Generally the APC UPSes work fine with FreeBSD. There is the apcupsd
> port for controlled unattended shutdowns. They work fine in Linux too
> with the same program.
> You may also find other solutions that work fine with the nutups program.
> As for failing to reboot after a power failure, you must have been
> terribly unlucky...

My crash was unrelated to a power failure.  We have lots of those in this part 
of California (Humboldt County) but this was on a laptop.  It was just a 
crash that forced me to reboot, then the machine would not start properly.

Thanks for the info about UPS's.  I will start looking around and I will be 
sure to buy one before the rains start in October.

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