is is able to setting up DNS server reverse lookup with DynamicIP?

vuthecuong cuongvt at
Fri Jul 13 06:09:22 UTC 2007

Sorry I not explained clearly:
 >Who is assigning the dynamic IP ?
This is my Lan, server is freebsd 6.2, My LAN have 5 XP,Linux CLients.
I registered a DynamicIP at

In Freebsd 6.2, I have also postfix MTA. Currently my clients have mail 
adress such as
cuongvt at, hanhtm at
With this mail addressed, I cand send/receive mail from/to my company, 
Yahoo etc.
But my postfix only can receive mails from freebsd-questions mailing 
list, it can not send
 mail  to this.
I recognized that the cause of this problem is that my DNS (on Freebsd 
6.2) not
reverse lookup as freebsd-questions requiried in order to prevent spam.
Freebsd-questions is currently treats cuongvt at,
 hanhtm at as spam. When mail fom these addressed come,
it rejected.

I suggest that now I will attached  zone file and reverse file,
then could you help me check and let me know what's wrong?
Pls help me, I really need your help.

Olivier Nicole wrote:
>> Maybe I'm stupid because I already spent 3 days creating my zone file 
>> and reverse file
>> but I still can not sussefull.
>> I'm running FreeBSD 6.2, I have DynamicIP:
>> Could you help me to create the simple example  of zone file and reverse 
>> file for me
> Who is assigning the dynamic IP ?
> Dynamic DNS only works with DHCP: DCHP gives and IP to a machine and
> then it informes DNS that it has given that IP and that now the DNS
> should update its synamic tables accordingly. You cannot have dynamic
> DNS working alone (well I think so).
> Plus the DNS server that holds dynamic reccords should be at a fixed
> IP address (I never heard of a DNS server on a machine with dynamic
> IP, that sounds way to unstable to me).
> Olivier

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