/usr/ports/packages cleanup

David Kelly dkelly at hiwaay.net
Thu Jul 12 14:22:29 UTC 2007

On Thu, Jul 12, 2007 at 08:46:26AM -0500, Jonathan Horne wrote:
> my packages dir is starting to have more than a few packages of incrementing 
> versions.  example:
> [jhorne at athena All] $ ls kde-3*
> kde-3.5.6_1.tbz  kde-3.5.7.tbz
> is there a simple way to clean the packages directory, and only keep the 
> latest version of each package?

Install the portupgrade port and use "portsclean -CD" to sweep
/usr/ports/ of spare working files and to clear /usr/ports/distfiles/ of
all non-current source files.

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