how to start apache22 without ssl

Schiz0 schiz0phrenic21 at
Wed Jul 11 22:28:10 UTC 2007

On 7/11/07, Steve Bertrand <iaccounts at> wrote:
> > Apache22 from ports doesn't use SSL by default. Check your httpd.conf
> > file and make sure the LoadModule for "ssl_module" line is commented
> > out.
> I'm near certain that it does, but then again I may be wrong. From Makefile:
> .if !defined(WITHOUT_SSL_MODULES)
> USE_OPENSSL=    yes
> .endif
> ...and this shows up in Makefile.doc as a configure argument:
> ##      WITHOUT_SSL:              Disable SSL support
> Steve

It has the ability to use SSL, but the SSL module isn't enabled by default

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