virtualized network interfaces within jails

Joe Barnes splatus at
Wed Jul 11 15:32:11 UTC 2007

Hello all....

I'm attempting to run bind from multiple jails in 6.2, but I can't sem
 to configure my jail such that its unable to see any other physical
 interfaces.   I want to run several jails on the same physical interface
 with a vlan associated with each virtual interface. Each finished jail
 should appear to have only one interface running virtually on a physical
 NIC in the host OS.  Once inside the jail, I only want to see the
 virtual interface appear as a physical interface, without indicating it is
 associated with a vlan on the host OS.  Xen on fedora appears to be
 able to do this, but I'd prefer to get this working as a jail.

Hardware appears to be suported (Dell 1950, with Broadcom NetX2
 cards)... any help is appreciated.  


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