Help! FreeBSD: 88.78 KBps, Linux: 624.95 KBps

Norbert Papke fbsd-ml at
Wed Jul 11 00:31:46 UTC 2007

On July 10, 2007, Kyrre Nygård wrote:
> Hello.
> My friend is switching to Linux because FreeBSD is failing on him.
> When downloading a file from a FreeBSD box and a Linux box on the same
> network, the FreeBSD box got 88.78 KBps whereas the Linux got 624.95
> Kbps. I have no idea what's wrong, but my man isn't really into good
> information design (e.g. taking something complex and making it easy),
> so his system is a mess. Maybe some of you can help me locate where the
> problem's at?

Are we comparing apples to oranges?

88.78 KBps  (kilo bytes per second) = 710.24 Kbps (kilo bits per second)

If this is true, then the FreeBSD box is faster :)


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