external drive

Jean-Paul Natola jnatola at familycareintl.org
Tue Jul 10 22:21:36 UTC 2007

Hi all,

After yesterdays fiasco trying to upgrade 5.5 to 6.2 - I just grabbed a new
drive and did a clean install of 6.2

Its working great, no errors I'm happy- 

There are some files (basically some custom config  and cf files) that I
would like to copy from the 5.5 drive - 
So I put it in an external enclosure  and needless to say windows wouldn't
recognize it - and the MAC OSX though it sees it , it wont let me mount it
(despite the fact that I clicked mount drive ) 

2 questions;

1. Is there anything out there that would let me read a BSD drive from a
windows or mac machine?
2. If I do just plug the drive into the BSD USB port will it cause any
conflicts as there will be duplicates of the main slices
/usr etc..

Or am I safe just plugging it in and mounting it?

PS: Thanks to everyone for the feedback yesterday - I learned A LOT in the
last 24 hours 


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