Installation woes with 6.2 release

Fredrik Tolf fredrik at
Tue Jul 10 20:16:03 UTC 2007

I think I accidently posted a reply to this via private mail with an
invalid source address, but I'm not sure what I did, so I'll take this
opportunity to apologize to anyone to gets this message twice.

Derek Ragona <derek at> writes:
> Clearly you have a disk controller compatibility problem.  I do know
> the Sil chips are terrible, and there is a long history of issues with
> these chips and FreeBSD!

That's interesting to me. Is there any further information available
on that subject?

I've been using SiL chips with Linux for quite a while with no
problems, and I was planning to do the same with FreeBSD as well, but
if there are known problems with SiL and FreeBSD I may need to rethink
that decision.

(To be more exact, I've been using the SiL 311[24] chips)

Fredrik Tolf

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