php 4.3.10, manual installation

zbigniew at zbigniew at
Mon Jul 9 16:53:40 UTC 2007


I currently have php 4.4.7 on my FBSD machine but due to some requirements
I need to downgrade to php 4.3.10. It will be for an offline machine so I
am not worried about possible security holes but I would like to ask how
you would advise me to downgrade? 

1. Delete php using pkg_delete?  
2. Unpack 4.3.10 sources and... yes... what should I do here? 

Just copy them where php gets installed by default?

I am not able to use port for this (I usually install all software via
portinstall) as this version is no longer maintained. 

But I'd appreciate your help. I do not want to make mess on this machine as
I have it quite nicely customized so I thought I'd ask for your advice. 

Thank you! 

Zbigniew Szalbot 

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