Crypto missing after FreeBSD-Update to 6.2-RELEASE

Colin Percival cperciva at
Mon Jul 9 09:54:00 UTC 2007

Matt Bostock wrote:
> I've been using freebsd-update for some time now and it's been fantastic. I
> recently used Colin's upgrade script[1] to upgrade to 6.2-RELEASE, but it seems
> that the crypto distribution is now missing from my system.

What makes you think that the crypto code is missing?

> With previous versions of freebsd-update I would have used --branch, but later
> versions this option is omitted. What's the safest way to get freebsd-update to
> recognise that I need the crypto libraries and install them?

Starting in FreeBSD 5.3, the cryptographic libraries were required instead of
being optional; and starting at some point in 5.x -- I can't remember exactly
when -- the kerberos code stopped being distributed as separate distributions.
Since the --branch option had become obsolete, I removed it. :-)

> PS On a side note, what happened to the IDS option? I'd like to use it to
> exclude files in a backup script. If you have a suggestion for nice alternative,
> please let me know :-)

I removed the IDS option because I didn't think anyone used it.  Since then I
have heard from lots of people who used it, so I'm going to add the IDS option
back soon. :-)

Colin Percival

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