severely OT; re PUTTY [ssh]

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Mon Jul 9 05:45:07 UTC 2007

Peter Boosten wrote:
> Gary Kline wrote:
>> 	I was able to find, ldown load and instal the DOS/Windows ssh
>> 	utility, but am having trouble scp'ing stuff between my BSD side
>> 	and my W2K server.  Anybody know what file I have to modify to
>> 	get permission on the windows computer?
> Gary,
> Search for winscp, a (free) graphical drag&drop scp tool.
> I've seen some limitations with scp of putty (like file sizes over 2 Gigs).
> Peter
    If you're just trying to do file transferring/sharing in a local 
'secure' network, I suggest Samba in place of scp. You might also want 
to consider Samba + VPN as well; scp is great for porting files over 
long distances, or a last resort for dealing with Unix <=> Windows 
transferring, but just seems incredibly kludgey when dealing with 
files/directories otherwise (having to maintain an ssh connection, 
having to install a scp/ssh client per machine for instance are what I 
consider kludgey).

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