Enabling A Serial Port On 6.2

Tim Daneliuk tundra at tundraware.com
Sun Jul 8 16:21:02 UTC 2007

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Tim Daneliuk <tundra at tundraware.com> writes:
>> But ... the entry did not end with a newline and init apparently thus didn't
>> recognize it.  Ending the line made everything happy.  I am submitting
>> this as a (very minor) bug, since I do not believe this to be correct
>> behavior (but what do I know ;) ...
> That's perfectly normal and age-old behaviour.  Part of the definition
> of a "line" of text is that it ends in a newline...

Hmm  - while I acknowledge that I've seen this problem before (I've used
some variant of Unix since the late 1970s and FreeBSD since 2.x), whether
it is "perfectly normal" is arguable.  I suspect that there are a great
many places - shell scripts and C source code leap to mind - where the
lack of a terminating newline at the end of a file does not cause the
line to be ignored altogether.  I rather think this is an "age-old" bug
that never got fixed because of its minor importance.  In any case,
i've authored a PR to make note of it.  If I ever get the time, I'll
dig into the source myself and see if I can figure out where the wheels are
coming off...

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