Adding a new command

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sat Jul 7 21:24:23 UTC 2007

Derek Ragona wrote:
> At 11:35 AM 7/7/2007, Lisa Casey wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Once I get this new system going I promise I'll quit pestering you 
>> folks :-)
>> Got another question. This should be simple to answer. I've done this 
>> before but can't seem to replicate it this morning. I have a few 
>> scripts my employees use to do things such as add a new radius user, 
>> restart the radius server and tail the radius log file. The most 
>> simple one is radlog.  The file radlog contains the line:
>> tail -f  /var/log/radius.log
>> I need to be able to type radlog from anywhere on the system and have 
>> it work.
>> I put the file radlog in /bin   (/bin and  /sbin are all in my 
>> shell's path). Ownership is root/wheel  permissions are 555 (I've 
>> tried 700 and 777 - these don't need write access though). But when I 
>> type radlog I get command not found. I can type ./bin/radlog and it 
>> works but I don't want that. I thought if the file was in my path and 
>> if it was executable just typing the name of the file from anywhere 
>> would work but evidently I'm overlooking something. What?
>> Thanks,
>> Lisa Casey
> Try testing with a new login session.  It is likely your shell is 
> caching the commands in your paths.
Use rehash in tcsh to find newly added commands.

export or setenv your new PATH though, and try the new command out first.


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