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Fri Jul 6 03:47:41 UTC 2007

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wrote Andriy Babiy thusly...
> Could anyone share their gaming experiences? My son is 8 years
> old. Card games and balls are good, but I think he wants something
> more dynamic rather than educational :-) On one machine, with
> recent video card, I plan to install glest for him. Another
> machine has P-III and Matrox 8 Mb. Is there anything "peaceful"
> but dynamic enough for an older video card?

I am not 8 years old anymore, so I cannot say what your son would
like but should be suitable for your computers.  I personally like
atris & xpuzzletama, my sister likes xjewel more -- all three are
tetris like in one way or other.

Oh, there is also koth (& scorched3D) which takes^Wtests patience &
aiming skills.  I remember a Mac version (around 1994-1997) being
not so hard.

  - Parv


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