Package Database DOA

Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Fri Jul 6 01:45:17 UTC 2007

On Thursday 05 July 2007 20:23:53 Mark Jacobs wrote:
> My machine froze during a portupgrade process and I was forced to
> reboot. Now my package database is corrupted. When I issue a pkg_version
> I receive hundreds of these type errors;
> pkg_version: the package info for package 'cups-base-1.2.11_2' is
> corrupt
> I attempted to delete and rebuild the database with the commands I know
> but it didn't seem to fix the problem.
> Can someone assist me in rebuilding the database?
> Mark Jacobs

try as root:

mv /var/db/pkg/pkgdb.db /var/db/pkg/pkgdb.old
pkgdb -fu

i used this method to straighten mine out just the other day.

Jonathan Horne
freebsd at

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