The worst error message in history belongs to... BIND9!

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> > More to the point, Perl is dual-licensed -- redistributable under the
> > terms of either the GPL or the Artistic License, at your discretion.
> Not correct.  The Artistic license is less restrictive than the GPL so
> GPL advocates can take a Perl install and call it GPLd perl - but the
> Perl FAQ makes it very clear the intent of the Perl maintainers is not
> to use GPL.  As they said, "there is no GNU Perl"
> I challenge you to point to one, single Perl scrap of code, that is ONLY
> gpled.

Nothing I said should in any way be construed to mean that Perl, or any
part of it, is in any way solely GPLed.  I have no idea where you would
have gotten such an impression.  See above, where I point out that Perl
is dual-licensed -- *not* solely GPLed.  Also see the rest of what I said
in the earlier email, in text you cut out of the quote, indicating that
for my purposes Perl is installed under terms of the Perl Artistic
License (and not the GPL).  Nothing you have said suggests at all that my
statement was incorrect, except the two words "not correct".

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