ich9, ahci

Gergely CZUCZY phoemix at harmless.hu
Thu Jul 5 14:56:14 UTC 2007

Good morning,

I'd like to whether the ICH9 SATA chipset and the AHCI mode/or-whatever is
supported under FreeBSD 6.2 or 6-STABLE.

I've just got a new motherboard with this new intel P35 chipset, and it has
some brand new hardware. I'm looking for the perspectives, how could i use this
board with freebsd.

Is the ICH9 ATA controller supported, and AHCI?
If not, are there patches against 6-STABLE, or when will it be supported?

Please include me in the replies since I'm not subscribed to the list.


Gergely Czuczy
mailto: gergely.czuczy at harmless.hu

Weenies test. Geniuses solve problems that arise.
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